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Addictions and habits come in various forms and people usually develop these addictions and habits for reasons that are legitimate at the time.

  • Some one may take up drinking on a social basis or to relax after work and then a few years later it has developed into a unstoppable addiction that has taken over their life.
  • Some use drugs to ease anxiety and fear, this creates a neat circle where this habit gets out of control because as well as experiencing anxiety and fear over the original problems, you then develop fears and anxiety over not being able to cope without the use of drugs and your drug abuse just gets out of control.
  • increased motivation for weight loss
  • People sometimes turn to gambling to relax, pretty soon they’re convinced the next big win is just around the corner, this too gets out of control which ends up costing them thousands over time, when there are plenty of free alternatives to begin with.
  • The only solution is to give up these addictions or habits now. Through the use of Hypnosis we can help you stop this behaviour permanently.

    Before hypnotherapy should be considered as a treatment option, the individual must want to give up their addiction or habit. Under hypnosis the therapist can talk to the subconscious mind and determine what triggers are in place that creates these addictions and help the individual regain control over their life. The hypnotherapist can help them set goals and targets and can suggest ways in which behaviour can be changed and by proposing ways in which current practices are carried out and ways in which targets and goals can be achieved. Any triggers for relapse can also be identified and a means to manage these triggers can also be explored. Positivity and the ability to succeed can be reinforced and the psychological and emotional issues surrounding the addiction can be addressed. Many therapists will provide exercises to practice at home with the aim of inducing self-hypnosis to increase self-control. By having positive thoughts, set goals and a support network, success is more likely.

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