Virtual Gastric Band

About the Virtual Gastric Band.

The “Hypno-Band” procedure was originally developed in Europe as an alternative to weight loss surgeries such as the gastric band and gastric bypass surgery.

This specific Virtual Gastric Band procedure was developed and has quickly gained popularity, with its methods being adopted by hypnotherapists worldwide.

This hypnotherapeutic procedure eliminates the risks involved in having a general anaesthetic and undergoing these invasive surgical procedures and the Virtual Gastric Band is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity worldwide as an alternative to surgery and at a fraction of the cost of real surgery.

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis procedure is aimed at people wishing to lose a significant amount of weight. Generally people who are overweight by more than 10 to 15 kilos may want to consider the Virtual Gastric Band, however anybody who wants to lose weight can benefit from the virtual gastric band procedure.

This is definitely not a diet.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a procedure done under hypnosis that uses positive behavioral suggestions and visualizations along with various other hypnosis techniques that combine and help you to control your food intake, much the same as the Gastric Band surgery, but without the surgery.

The subconscious mind, the part responsible for automatic urges and habits, believes and acts like actual gastric band surgery has been performed and is designed to change your eating habits and to help you lose weight, gain a better body shape and improved health and fitness, all in a completely natural and safe way.

Achieve long lasting results.

I think we all know diets generally tend to fail as you quickly fall back into your old habits and unfortunately any weight you may have lost is quickly put on again, and sometimes a little extra.

The brain fights against it, the body fights against it and sometimes our day to day environment fights against it. The Virtual Gastric Band, through hypnosis, serves to reduce your food intake, and to ensure long term weight loss we address the underlying issues that create the eating habits in the first place, the procedure is carried out over 4 sessions where we help clients form new habits that they can maintain.

the result being steady, progressive weight loss, – no surgery, no dieting.

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