Don’t Allow Your Weight To Drain Your Happiness, Health and Self Esteem Any Longer

The Never Diet Again Program is Australia’s most successful Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, with more that 2538 women from across the country using this program to conquer emotional eating, develop unbreakable motivation and change the long term, unconscious habits that cause weight problems.

We have hundreds of success stories (See Our Success Stories Here) from women who previously tried every type of diet and exercise program only to lose motivation or gain the weight back once the diet/program was complete.

The reason why the NDA program is so successful is because it tackles the underlying cause of your weight issues such as emotional eating, depression and finding the time to focus on you and your health, then develops new habits and new ways of thinking that result in fast, long lasting weight loss, without the constant internal struggle or unrealistic diets programs.

With our limited time offer you can now try the NDA 12 Week Online Program, with a 6-Month, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you try this program for the full 12 weeks and you don't get the results you want we will Refund You In Full  For Up to 6 Months - No Questions Asked!

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Hypnotherapy is now recognised and one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach and maintain your ideal weight goals. The Never Diet Again Hypnotherapy Program utilises the very latest in clinical hypnotherapy along with counselling and motivational tools to not only improve your habits around diet and exercise, but also break down the mental and emotional issues that are often the root cause of weight gain. 

Each module of the Never Diet Again Program tackles a specific obstacle that has prevented you from achieving long term weight loss results in the past.

“ I started my journey depressed but not knowing why and discovered a self love, inner peace and growing confidence. I no longer use to food to make me feel happy. I now have tools to cope with uncomfortable situations and to make my family a happy tight knit bond.”

Christine - Lost 14 Kg's

What's Included In The 12 Week Never Diet Again Program?
Each week you will recieve access to a new module. This helps to keep you focused and prevents overwhelm from having too much to do. Each module contains an Mp3 hypnotherapy session with Certified Hypnosis Expert Jodi Clarke, a PDF workbook and an instructional video to give you step by step guidance throughout the entire program.

Plus you get full access to ALL the program materials and recordings for LIFE. So if at any stage in the future you need to re-inforce the positive changes you simply go through the modules that worked best for you.


# Immediate Access : Your Bonus “Kick Start Pack” 
Here you will take an honest self assesment of where you are right now. In the "Kick Start" workbook you will develop your goals and become more aware of your current patterns and habits so you can start to change them for the better. Once you have set your personal weight loss goals we will them lock them in with a powerful Mp3 Hypnotherapy session so, that nothing will stop you from reaching them.

# Weeks 1-5: Emotional Release Program 
This part of the program focuses of freeing you from past negative habits, experiences, emotions and thoughts, allowing us to treat the underlying cause of your weight issues. Many weight loss programs overlook the connection between unhappiness, low self-esteem, depression and weight issues, which is why long-term results are rarely achieve. At the completion of this part of the program you will be positive, motivated and in the best possible mental state to achieve your weight loss goals once and for all.

# Weeks 6-9: Virtual Gastric Band
Here is where we really start to tackle your physical weight issues and shed those kilo's. Using hypnosis we communicate with your subconscious mind to alter your current automatic urges and habits to over eat, and replace them with positive suggestions and visualisations to reduce your food intake to a healthy level. At the end of this part of the program your body and mind will behave like you have had gastric band surgery, only without the expensive, risky and invasive surgical procedures.

# Weeks 10-12: Step It Up Weight Loss
Now we have tacked the emotional and dietary causes of your weight issues we step it up and help you to become a more active, energetic and healthy person. With the help of the Mp3 sessions you will become more excited and motivated to move and exercise. This module also includes simple daily exercises to get you started with your new healthy lifestyle. It will no longer be a struggle to get active and you will soon start to see the fat melt away for good. Here we will also review your progress, see just how far you have come and provide ongoing tools to keep you motivated and focused.

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A Word From The Creator

“By treating the underlying causes of womens weight issues instead of the symptoms, my clients see rapid weight loss results with much less effort and struggle than their previous attempts.”